Barb Messerole, City Clerk
Cindy Kai, Deputy City Clerk

236 Main Street
Aurelia, IA 51005
Phone: (712) 434-2025
Fax: (712) 434-5986

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Gene Suhr, Mayor
Barb Messerole, City Clerk
Roman Redig, Mayor Pro Tem
Cindy Nelson
Bob Stroud
Sue Johnson
Dan Baker


City Council Agendas & Minutes
Boards and Commissions
Garbage Pick-up
Brush Pick-up
Citywide Clean-up
Pet Licensing
Building Permits
Shelter House

Streets & Alleys: Public Safety/Fire Board Trustee:
• Bob Stroud • Roman Redig
• Cindy Nelson • Dan Baker
New Housing Development: Community Center & Property:
• Gene Suhr • Sue Johnson
• Dan Baker  
Utility Board: Budget:
• Roman Redig • Cindy Nelson
  • Sue Johnson
Personnel: Recreation (Pool):
• Gene Suhr • Dan Baker
• Marvin Krause • Bob Stroud
Library: Water & Sewer:
• Sue Johnson • Roman Redig
  • Bob Stroud
Aurelia Development Corp.: Day Care:
•Gene Suhr & Dan Baker •Cindy Nelson
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Planning and Zoning Commission:  
• Sue Ireland, Chairman • Bonnie Ebel, Secretary
• Roger Haselhoff • Erik Radke
• Jerry Sandine  
Board of Adjustment:  
• Dave Johnson, Chairman • Deke Kemphert
• Jim Compton • Jan Radke
• Nancy Webb  
Library Board of Trustees:  
• Roger Redig, President • Ardelle Staver
• Ann Tell • Dave Fordyce, Vice President
• Cindy Davis • Pam Allen
• Bonnie Lewis  
Electric Board of Trustees:  
• Craig Ballantyne • Dave Johnson
• Deloy Bruce • Roger Redig,Chairman
• Marvin Krause  
Community Center Board:  
• Sue Johnson, President •Keisha Lockin
• Carla Peterson, Secretary •Lynn Jesse
• Barb Evans, Vice President  
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Water and Electric meters are read monthly. Utility bills include monthly charges for electric, water, sewer, garbage, landfill, and storm water utility. Bills are sent out the 1st week of each month and payment is due by the 26th day of the month. There is a penalty charged for late payments. You may sign up to have your checking account or savings account automatically debited for payment of your utility bill. A deposit of $200.00 is required for new service, unless the customer is an owner of the property. There will be a $30.42 one time hookup fee added to your first bill.
Electric Rates: See Aurelia Municipal Electric
Water Rates: $7.31 minimum monthly bill
  First 167 cubic feet $0.04377246/cubic feet
  Next 333 cubic feet $0.03818/cubic feet
  Over 500 cubic feet $0.03682/cubic feet
Sewer Rates: $9.20 minimum monthly bill
  Plus .034 cents per cubic feet
Garbage Rates: $22.16 per month, landfill only $12.66
Storm Water Utility: $1.00 per month
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When you sign up for residential electric and/or water service, you are automatically listed for solid waste pick-up. Both garbage service and an assessment for the Cherokee County landfill is collected on the monthly utility bill from the City and forwarded to The Muncipal Electric and Cherokee County Solid Waste Management respectively. The total for both is $22.16 per month. Residential pick-up is each Thursday morning curbside only.
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The City provides a yardwaste (grass, leaves and tree or hedge trimmings) pick-up the first Wednesday of the month April thru November. Yardwaste must be in a biodegradable paper bag or box, no garbage cans. Tree trimmings cannot exceed six inches in diameter or four feet in length and must be boxed bundled or tied (no wire or plastic ties).
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A citywide clean-up day is offered on the third Thursday in May, July, and October.
Everything will be picked up except tires and hazardous materials. White goods will be picked up for a cost of $15.00 per item. Purchase tags at City Hall. Please have items curbside.
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All dogs over six months old and cats over four months old must purchase a license at the City Clerk’s office each year. Licenses are annually renewable between January 1 and April 1 for $5.00. The City has a leash law, which applies to both dogs and cats. Dogs and cats caught running at large will be taken to a Cherokee veterinary clinic and the owner fined.
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Building permits are required for new construction or any remodeling which changes the outside exterior. Applications are available at the City Clerk’s office. Cost of permits is $1.00/thousand for construction cost, maximum of $250.00
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The shelter house is available for rent. For information or to make reservations, call the City Clerk’s office at (712) 434-2025.
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