Mission statement:
To promote Aurelia’s local business, ag industry and the economical and social health of our community.

Did you know that anyone can belong to the Aurelia Commercial Club? Yes, anyone!!

In the early 1920’s the Aurelia Buisness Men’s Association met in the Community Rooms (above the old Farmers National Bank Building, better known as the Haunted Bates Hotel). Officers in 1927 were: President, C.W. Person, Vice President, C.O. Larson,
Secretary and Treasurer, B. Paulson, and an Executive Committee of three.

On May 11, 1941, a re-organizational meeting was held and the name was changed to the Aurelia Commercial Club. R.M. Flory was elected President, A.H. Vogel, Vice-President
and Chester Sjoberg, Secretary/Treasurer which he held for 12 years. The 2013 officers
are; Bob Forbes, President, Dick Vogt, Vice President, Carla Peterson, Secretary and
Cindy Krause, Treasurer.

The first section of the by-laws entitled “Purpose and Object” states: “The purpose and
object of this organization shall be to encourage and promote the business and social
interests of the entire community, to work for the common good in all matters touching
the general welfare of the county and town through consultation and united efforts, to
advance agricultural interests, encourage commercial progress, increase acquaintance and harmony, and secure cooperation in the things that will be helpful and beneficial to Aurelia and Cherokee County, also to encourage and promote civic pride and use its efforts and support to improve and beautify the city and its environment.

This information came from the Aurelia Centennial Book and the Aurelia Commercial Club is still striving to encourage and promote the business and social interests of the entire community. You see, that means anyone and everyone can belong to the Aurelia Commercial Club.

Several years ago we started the Community Coffee on Wednesday mornings to promote our main street and it’s business. This has been very successful and even though our businesses have dewindled the Community Coffee has not. I guess that’s a sign of our strength here in Aurelia. This is only one reason why we encourage you to join the Aurelia Commercial Club. Dues are $25.00 for a business and $10.00 for an individual. That also means that farmers can belong to the Commercial Club.