Joleen Owens, Teacher/Director
300 Ash St.
Aurelia, IA 51005
Phone: (712) 434-2284


"…it's the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs
and becomes a tree, so then the birds of the air come
and make nests in its branches"…Jesus.

Shared dreams and concerns of young United Methodist mothers, resulted in the January 1983 opening of the Mustard Seed Community Preschool in our Aurelia Church facility.

Over the years more than 400 children have been nurtured by this vital community program.

Our nursery and preschool program continues today under the umbrella of First United Methodist Church and the generous efforts of community "Friends" who see the value in this early childhood development program for our community.

Based on Christian principles, the Mustard Seed Community Preschool has met the individual and social developmental needs of young children.

Through appropriate age-level activities, in large and small group settings, social and communicational skills are introduced; fine and gross motor skills, as well, challenge the growing child.

Principles and skills introduced at home are strengthened and affirmed, as are "getting along" with the uniqueness of other individuals.
• Through field trips to community and area businesses
• Through providing programs for community organizations
• Through shared learning experiences in the classroom
• Through programs for or with parents & grandparents

Our young children have been, and continue to be, nurtured in their developing years and prepared for their years of growing in the community, and for serving the world that lies ahead of them.

These are classes for children ages 3 through 5

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings
9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Two day programs on Tuesday and Thursday
Three day programs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

We are licensed by the STATE OF IOWA
Department of Human Services

Our Teacher/Directors are qualified and
experienced early childhood educators.

Currently Nila Miller is our Teacher/Director
For more information contact
Nila at either
712-434-5985 - Preschool room
at First United Methodist Church
31 Valor Road
712-434-5766 - Home