Peak alert – please conserve electricity

UPDATE: The threat of rolling power outages is causing providers to have to plan for this possibility. If they need to do load control, this will mean NIPCO will be shutting off water heaters for up to 7 hours at a time and then feathering them back on throughout the day. Aurelia is in the region where this is a possibility. Please follow Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative on Facebook for updates, and take steps to curb your electricity usage (see below) to help avoid this necessity.


As you can imagine, the record cold temperatures that we have experienced and expect the next two days, have resulted in very high demand of electricity. As a result we are asking our customers to conserve energy as much as possible. Some suggestions for conserving energy are:

* Lowering the thermostat a few degrees,

* Delaying use of large appliances, such as washers/dryers/ dishwashers/ovens/space heaters, etc.,

* Not heating garages/sheds unnecessarily.

We appreciate your cooperation through noon on Tuesday. It may seem like a small thing, but everybody's participation helps avoid a catastrophic, lengthy power outage.

Please feel free to share this information with others, as this affects many communities in our region and state. Thank you!

Please Conserve