Welcome to Aurelia

Located in Northwest Iowa, Aurelia is the home to nearly 1,100 people. We're a safe, quiet, and clean community, where everyone knows and cares about their neighbors. You'll find affordable housing, low taxes, and state-of-the-art utilities without the big city expense or hassle. Featuring an excellent school system, sound municipal government, dedicated local business owners, and bountiful recreational opportunities---Aurelia offers something for everyone! Come, check us out today and begin savoring the sweet life in Aurelia, Iowa.

House Numbers Required

Pursuant to the Aurelia Code of Ordinances, every owner of a house or business in Aurelia shall display their building number in a place visible from the street, in figures not less than 2 ½ inches in height, and of a contrasting color with their background.
This is crucial to emergency personnel.
Any questions, please call City Hall at 434-2025.

Brush-Leaf Pickup

Brush-leaf pickup will begin Wednesday, April 4th and will be the first Wednesday of each month through November.
Bundles must be tied with string and no longer than 6 feet in length. No plastic bags or garbage containers; items
in cardboard boxes or paper bags only.

Code of Ordinances

Our city code is now online.

Upcoming Meetings

The Aurelia City Council meets the 3rd Monday of every month.

July, 2019 Agenda
July, 2019 Minutes