Aurelia Municipal Electric                                                                            Public Works Department     

Cody Cedar, Electric Superintendent                                                              Mark Sangwin, Public Works Director
E-Mail: [email protected]                                                                  Email:  [email protected]


Cindy Kai, Deputy City Clerk
E-Mail: [email protected]

Electric After Hours Emergency: 712-434-2055

Water/Sewer After Hours Emergency: 712-434-2389

236 Main Street
Aurelia, IA 51005
Phone: (712) 434-2025
Fax: (712) 434-5986

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Water and Electric meters are read monthly. Utility bills include monthly charges for electric, water, sewer, garbage, landfill, and storm water utility. Bills are sent out the 1st week of each month and payment is due by the 26th day of the month. There is a penalty charged for late payments. You may sign up to have your checking account or savings account automatically debited for payment of your utility bill. A deposit of $200.00 is required for new service, unless the customer is an owner of the property. There will be a $30.42 one time hookup fee added to your first bill.

The City of Aurelia has available for purchase an outside water meter to be used solely for residential purpose i.e. watering lawns, gardens, filling pools, etc.  The meter is hooked to your outside faucet with a hose attachment and records the amount of water used that does not enter the sanitary sewer.  Cost to purchase meter is $120 and you are refunded once a year at $.05 per cubic foot of water usage recorded on the meter.

Water Rates: $13.00 minimum monthly bill
Single rate for all usage......$0.048 per cubic foot

Sewer Rates: $9.85 minimum monthly bill
Plus .05 cents per cubic feet

Garbage Rates: $24.16 per month, landfill only $12.66.
Garbage cans are available for rent at $2.40 per month

Storm Water Utility: $1.00 per month

Water Loss Protection:  $1.30 per month.

Water Line Protection is available for $5.00 per month and Sewer Line Protection is available for
$6.50 per month.  Call for details.

Residents of Aurelia receive electricity from Aurelia Municipal Electric. The utility purchases power from Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO) and Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). Aurelia also belongs to Western Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association (WIMECA) which is a cooperative that includes the cities of Anthon, Aurelia, Hinton, Mapleton, Manning and Onawa.

The electric is governed by a Board of Trustees. The current board members are Roger Redig; Craig Ballantyne; Mitch Langschwager; Dave Johnson.


Aurelia Municipal participates in NIPCO’s rebate programs for electric heat and electric water heaters. There are generous rebates available for home owners to install electric heat sources and electric water heaters. There are also reduced rates available for the kilowatts used for electric heat and electric water heaters.

Electricity shall be furnished at the monthly rate per meter as follows:

Residential: Service Charge – $14.00
Energy Charge – 1st 1,000 KWH @ $.093/KWH
Over 1,000 KWH @ $.06095/KWH

Commercial, Single-Phase: Service Charge – $14.00
Energy Charge – plus $.0880 per KW

Industrial, Three-Phase: Energy Charge – All KWH @ $.0330/KWH
Demand Charge – All KW @ $12.10/KW
Minimum Bill – $25.50

Electric Heat Submeter Credit: During winter months of November through April. All KWH on submeter at $.0424/KWH