Fire Department

Lucas Erpelding, Fire Chief
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Roman Redig, 1st Asst. Chief
Mark Lindgren, 2nd Asst. Chief

110 Myrtle Street
Aurelia, IA 51005

“To Protect and Serve the Aurelia Community”

Established in 1891.

The Aurelia Fire Department serves approximately 105 sq. miles.

Currently have 19 volunteer firefighters and 9 personnel with Emergency Medical Service certifications.

We operate as an EMT level service for medical emergencies.

We are trained to use the Jaws of Life, SCBA (Self-contained Breathing Apparatus), water pump operations, and numerous other fire fighting skills.

Don’t forget to come join us on the 3rd Saturday of July for our annual Fireman’s Ball Fundraiser with meal at the Community Center.

• Lucas Erpelding, Fire Chief, EMS
• Roman Redig, 1st Asst. Chief, EMS
• Mark Lindgren, 2nd Asst. Chief
• Roger Redig, Secretary/Treasurer
• Tom Mier
• Leigh Peterson, EMS
• Brent Zoch
• Jim Bezoni, Jr., EMS
• Josh White
Brock Mier, Cadet
• Brandon Mier, Cadet
• Alexa Fredericksen, Cadet
• Zach Erpelding, Cadet

• Mitch Langschwager
• Spencer Bezoni, EMS
• Matt Fredericksen
• Christopher Ernst, EMS
• Dustin Wieland, EMS
• Cody Cedar
• Jeremy Pressley, EMS
Jeff McKenzie
• Brad Noble
• Blake Suhr
Tyler Peterson, Cadet
• Alex DeRoos, Cadet
• Kaden Schulenberg, Cadet